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About the Norwegian Sufi Community

The Norwegian Sufi Community is a community of spiritual seekers inspired by the teachings, presence, and legacy of Hazrat Inayat Khan. He founded the path of Sufism in the West about 100 years ago. The Norwegian Sufi Community was founded some years after Inayat Khan visited Norway. In the autumn of 1924, he appointed the first representative in person, Susanne Kjøsterud. With this initiation, the lineage of Inayat Khan in Norway emerged. Currently, there are several Communities, individuals, and Orders throughout the world inspired by the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. We consider all these Communities and Orders to be branches of the same tree. Besides the path of Sufism, we also draw inspiration from other mystical traditions. 

Norwegian Sufi Community

The Individual and the Community

The Norwegian Sufi Community welcomes spiritual seekers to unfold and express themselves in their own unique way. Developing our individuality and uniqueness is highly treasured on the Sufi spiritual path.  By no means does the word Community refer to a group of similar people who have a particular behavior or look upon themselves as exclusive. Our community is open to all. To the Sufi, there exist no barriers of race, gender, religion, economic status, or any other characteristics that create distinctions between us. 

The purpose of group activities is mainly to learn about ourselves and others. This sharing among spiritual seekers has a value at a certain stage of the Path. What connects us in our community is the quest to become receptive to the presence of the Murshid by following the Inner Path. We can find the Murshid in all of creation. 


About the current leaders of the Community

 The Norwegian Sufi Community is led by (under the spiritual guidance of) Alia Sura and Shams Uwais. We draw our inspiration from several sources, which you can read more about here.


Shams Uwais

Shams is a natural mystic, blessed with the Uwaisi transmission of Hazrat Inayat Khan. From early life, he was exploring, knowingly and unknowingly - being born with a mystical inclination - the Inner Realms, gaining direct experience through life, by life, of life. Eventually, the divine blessing of being found fell upon him with the words "Join Us" from the unseen. This calling led to a spiritual quest of years, going through deepening mystical experiences and states, tests, trials, and blessings. Through the guidance of the Murshid, he became a direct Mureed and eventually - by the grace of God - also a Murshid.

Alia Sura

Alia is a Spiritual guide (Murshid) formed by the hippie movement and feminist revolution, ecological farming, music, children, and the Message of Spiritual Liberty. Besides Hazrat Inayat, her main inspirations have been music and Nada Yogi Roop Verma, co-founder of Findhorn Dorothy MacLean, Sarafil Bawa and guide Aziza Scott. Current inspirations are friends and pupils, contemporary chivalry, and the music of Nature.

With Shams Uwais, she has established and runs Shamali Nature and Retreat Center. (www.shamali.org)

To see the people who led the community through the years, back to Inayat Khan, you can click the button below.

Through these blessed beings, their personal offers, motivation, and inspiration, the community was guided through the years. The community builds upon what they gave, their legacy, as our sacred trust.


Some Sufi Thoughts

"There is one sacred book, the manuscript of nature, the only scripture which can enlighten the reader."

"There is one truth, the true knowledge of our being, within and without, which is the essence of all wisdom."

"The true religion to the sufi is the Sea of Thruth, and all the different religions are its different waves."

Inayat Khan

"Life is a symphony

and the action of every person in this life

is the playing of

his particulair part in the music."

Hazrat Inayat Khan

"An Awake heart is like a sky pouring light."


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Shamali Nature and Retreat Center

Shamali is founded by Alia Sura and Shams Uwais as the home of the Norwegian Sufi Community. It forms the center for our sufi activities and is a place for individual growth and spiritual deepening.