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Sufi Zoom (International)

Weekly, thursdays, on Zoom

Language: English

Sufi Zoom

Attunement/meditation on internet

Everyone is welcome, you do not need experience with meditation from before. Attending the meditations is free of charge. You find the zoom-link in our newsletter.

The meditationquide is Alia

    Healing (International)

On Zoom

Language: English


Coming after the summer break



Under construction 

Spiritual Retreats, individual or in groups.

Shamali Nature and Retreat Center

Vedvikveien 428

7770 Flatanger 




Introduction to Sufism

Language: Norwegian, English, Dutch, French

Introduction to Sufism

General information about Sufism for those who are interested to learn more about Sufism. This can happen through a short personal talk in person, or for example digital. Both for individuals as well as groups.

Take contact if you are interested, learn more about the Universal Sufi Path.