Inayatiyya: en sufivei til spirituell frihet

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In the early days of the Sufi movement, a newsletter was circulated between the many sufi centers in Europe. Our aim now is to revivify this former activity. Coming from Norway; a small country with three small sufi centers; we are eager to learn more about what is going on in the European sufi societies of today. This newsletter is meant to serve as a tool to increase the flow of information and thereby the contact between us. The European newsletter in Murshid’s time contained, amongst other things a list of new leaders appointed in each country, a short article about progress in the work and articles by the head of the Order or other leaders. Please send your contributions to


In loving service,

Kirsten Alia and Marit


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I swear, since seeing Your face,

the whole world is fraud


and fantasy


The garden is bewildered


as to what is leaf


or blossom.


The distracted birds


can't distinguish the birdseed


from the snare.


A house of love with no limits,


a presence more beautiful


than venus or the moon,


a beauty whose image fills the


mirror of the heart.